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Self Portrait - Balto

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Название mp3: Self Portrait

Исполнитель: Balto

Добавлено: 2014-09-24

Время проигрывания: 04:44

Прослушали: 311


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Текст песни:

Oh darlin' just for you
I'll be a good man I'll come through
Sing you simple words that you can understand
Sing it loud and clear and true

Oh I love you darlin' feel it my bones
Gotta tell it like it is
And though this world is wide – It seems I'm lost at sea
You know I'm rowing east

Oh darlin' though it seems I went away
I've been rollin' rollin' rollin' back to you
For I don't have a home of wood or brick or stone
No country, state, no name

All I know is that my place is where you are
I'm gonna make it, you know it can't be far!

It seems that you believe
That our love was lost the moment I appeared
You know this aint no phase – heard that voice and saw your face again
I can never leave

Oh I know that you are scared of everything
What's more you're scared of me
Everything I do is strange, its cruel, its real
I don't mean you any harm

Oh darlin' if the weight's too much to bear
Pass a little on to me
I don't got much but everything I have is yours
Don't be shy – come on by – it ain't mine anymore

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